Tips for a good birth

Tips for a good birth


Excited that the big day is getting closer? You're definitely preparing yourself to what perhaps would be your first childbirth. This is a good sign, keep doing it. In this blog, I will give you some tips for a good birth.

Listen to your body

Some women like to lie quietly in bed during labor, some like to walk around, others want to make sounds or sing. Find out what works best for you. Even if you give birth in a hospital and perhaps attached to all kinds of wires, it is often not possible to move around. Ask for what you need.


To receive a nice massage is more than just relaxing, it will give you more oxytocin, the hormone that will make your contractions stronger. Many women love it, but not everyone likes to be massaged during labor. If it does not feel good, just say so.


To relax in a hot tub... Water on your skin feels like a massage. The warm jet of the shower can be very soothing. Warm water not only helps to release analgesic hormones, it will also help you dilate faster.


Soothing music can help you reduce adrenaline and increase oxytocin, therefore helping your labor

Breathing exercises 

During pregnancy, you can practice breathing, for example by taking yoga classes. During pregnancy yoga, you learn to consciously prepare for childbirth. The doula app can help you with breathing during contractions.

Educate yourself and talk about your feelings with friends who have given birth, especially those who have had positive birth experiences

Of course, you can also talk to your midwife or your doctor. After all, if you know what to expect, what happens in your body and how to respond to what you feel, you can be more confident.

So here are my tips for a good birth, good luck!